Massage Offerings

Therapeutic Massage for women of all ages

Massage is not a luxury; it is essential health maintenance, just like exercise. While exercise (including most styles of yoga) is the yang, integrative therapeutic massage is the yin of self-care. Boulder Massage Therapy Hand QuiltReceiving nurturing touch resets and restores the body like nothing else. Dropping out of focused mind, enjoying connection in the physical body without effort, releasing tension and increasing flow all serve to enhance well-being and reduce dis-ease significantly.

To that end, I have cultivated a deep, slow and soothing touch, informed by training in Shiatsu, myofascial and cranio-sacral therapies. My intention is to help you relax, enjoy, and inhabit your whole body. I am honored to be midwife to the healing that happens from this place.

Mamas and babies

I love working with women at all phases of reproductive life. As a midwife, my area of expertise has been the prenatal and postpartum times. Benefits of regular massage during the childbearing year are many, including better mobility and freedom from common discomforts, improved sleep, increased circulation to the baby and better digestion. As well, massage is an ideal way for a mother or mother-to-be to take care of herself. Self-care is an essential ingredient for healthy and positive parenting. For infants, I offer craniosacral sessions in the first weeks of life, scheduling these as homevisits whenever possible.


Modeling the importance of self-care for our daughters is also vitally important. I am passionate about working with teenage girls. Adolescence is another time of rapid transition; hormonal shifts, bmaya abdominal massage boulderody changes and changing social expectations create intense pressure. Regular massage during this time allows a girl to experience herself simply and directly, and to receive something that is just for her without drama or expectations.

Aging into Health

Our hormonal changes and shape-shifts continue with menopause in challenging ways. Once again, accepting and nurturing the changing body, having a place to relax and release is very important to our health. As I enter and explore this phase myself I am happy to offer my experience and assistance.

Nutrition and Exercise

As part of our sessions, I can offer input about nutrition and exercise, alternatives to western medical viewpoints, and resources for adjunct therapies. From my own experience, and that of my clients, I offer sincere, sustainable guidance for your continued good health.