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Amy Colo Boulder Massage Therapy

Massage is not a luxury; it is essential health maintenance, just like exercise. While exercise (including most styles of yoga) is the yang, integrative therapeutic massage is the yin of self-care.

Receiving nurturing touch resets and restores the body like nothing else. Dropping out of focused mind, enjoying connection in the physical body without effort, releasing tension and increasing flow all serve to enhance well-being and reduce dis-ease on all levels.

To that end, I have cultivated a deep, slow and soothing touch, informed by training in Shiatsu, myofascial and craniosacral therapies. My intention is to help you relax, enjoy, and inhabit your whole body. I am honored to be midwife to the healing that happens from this place.

While I specialize in Prenatal and Postpartum massage, I am glad to work with all who are ready to relax and receive.

I offer 60 and 90-minute appointments. I suggest the longer session unless you desire only focused attention to one or 2 specific areas.

What to expect at your massage visit

I use a BodyCushion for Prenatal Massage that allows you to lie face down safely and comfortably for all posterior work, even in the 3rd trimester! 

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Bridget Borsdorf
Bridget Borsdorf
18:56 28 Jan 20
Amy's approach to prenatal massage is something every pregnant women should get to experience. Her combination of understanding the body, in addition to her midwifery knowledge lends to an incredible gift to help prenatal women minimize pain, prepare for childbirth, and have a deeper connection to their pregnancy experience.
Bridget Law
Bridget Law
22:14 02 Nov 19
Amy's prenatal massages are wonderful! She has all the necessary pillows and equipment to make sure pregnant gals are comfy, which for me means face down 😉 She has great intuition when to work the tissue deep and when to be gentle and soothing. Her experience with midwifery and Mayan abdominal massage qualifies her to give great advice and attention to the baby as well. It's such a great experience! I recommend it to all!
Katie Rosenthal
Katie Rosenthal
16:01 28 Oct 18
I have been seeing Amy for prenatal massage for a few months, and I have really felt a difference in my comfort level even days after I see her. Her abdominal massage is so comforting, and I was very glad to learn how to do it myself in her Belly Basics class.Amy not only provides expert care, but she is also offers great insights for self-care at home. I highly recommend her services!