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What to Expect

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Before we meet – I will send you a comprehensive intake form which you should complete prior to your appointment. It takes about 30 minutes.

Initial visits are scheduled for 2 hours. We begin with an extensive intake, followed by physical assessment, treatment and education. Finally, we develop plans for self-care between sessions and an expectation of how many professional sessions you will need. 

You don’t need to wear any particular type of clothing, I will ask you to remove all but your underwear and drape your legs and chest while I work on your abdomen. Because the uterus sits just above the pubic bone, I will be working quite low to begin with. The massage eventually covers the entire abdomen, stimulating circulation of blood, lymph and nerve impulses to all organs.

Sessions always include massage to your back, hips and sacrum. With this we are improving nerve flow to abdominal and pelvic organs, supporting proper uterine placement, and aligning your pelvis for your comfort and freedom of movement.

I will also teach you the self-massage routine developed by Dr. Arvigo and send you home with written instructions. We recommend that you do this 10-minute massage every day between professional sessions. Daily massage improves and accelerates results. 

Supportive Modalities: in many cases, I will suggest remedies in addition to the massage. These include castor oil packs, herbal formulas, vaginal steams and variations on the traditional belly-wrap called a faja.

We will schedule  60-minute followup appointments 2-4 weeks apart. Plan on at least 3 follow-up appointments for best results.

Therapeutic Massage, including Prenatal and Postpartum

I recommend 90 minutes unless you are looking for specific, treatment-oriented work.


Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Yes, you can lay on your stomach during a prenatal massage!

We use the BodyCushion for Prenatal Massage that allows you to lie face down safely and comfortably for all posterior work, even in the 3rd trimester!

Package Pricing

You may purchase a 4-Pack, either of 60 or 90-minute sessions, at a 10% discount. I also offer Fertility Support and Pregnancy Programs.    Click on each for more information.


I accept cash, checks, and credit card payment. You may pay in advance when you schedule or pay in person.

Discounts are available for cash payment at the time of service.

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