Client Praise


After a few sessions with Amy, I began to notice my body responds in a similar way compared to a pelvic specialized PT. I have had a great deal of sacrum and pubic bone pain in my second pregnancy, and am really impressed how my body responds and holds after each 90 min bodywork session. I’ve been getting instant and lasting improvements every time I receive! I’m in awe how a massage that makes me melt and feel SO good also provides such therapeutic relief and benefits.

I feel many old and longstanding tensions in my body beginning to change thru my work with Amy. I can feel areas/muscles that have wreaked havoc for years essentially “reorganizing”, and my whole body feeling more comfortable to live in and mother thru.

– KS, Boulder

I so appreciate all you do for the world!

Practicing mayan abdominal massage has brought me into deeper relationship with my body and transformed how I show up to myself and thus to the world. Amy is a well of generosity, and gracefully translates her deep listening into tangible healing. In relationship with Amy, one feels met and held. I am grateful to have learned this powerful technique from her and benefit from her expertise!

– Angela Myers, Boulder

I began seeing Amy Colo for chronic diaphragm and rib pain. I’d often been told to try Mayan Abdonimal massage but I was hesitant. I’ve tried at home and it never feel good or even relieving. After one visit with Amy I got a lovely massage, homeopathic remedies and tips on how to preform self care.

Faithfully performing the massage Amy taught me worked, I was pain free in a matter of 10 days, I was amazed.  Boldly, I stopped the massage for 8 days, and ended up back in the same painful spot as before. Two days of massage and I was back to pain free. This experience has proven to me that massage and the tools Amy has given me have changed my life.

I cannot recommend Amy and her skilled hands enough.

– Wendy, Boulder

Prenatal massages with Amy have been an invaluable source of support and nourishment for my changing body. Her warm and calming presence and gifted touch have allowed me to easily drop in to let go and receive the healing and realignments my body most needs. In our first session I had been dealing with pain in my tailbone and she was able to easily and gently assist the adjustment that needed to take place, which allowed for immediate relief. As a fellow bodyworker, I can say with confidence that a session with Amy truly invites the body into deeper states of relaxation and rejuvenation, and feels like the kind of care I aspire to provide my clients. She is thorough, intuitive, and knowledgeable in her approach. Thank you Amy for supporting baby and I in experiencing a peaceful and easy pregnancy!

– Kinsey, Longmont

I saw Amy for prenatal/postnatal massage during my second pregnancy, and continue to work with her to manage chronic back pain. Amy has a deep knowledge of women’s bodies at different stages, and brings her long-time experience as a midwife and caregiver to her practice. I am so grateful to have Amy as a healer and resource in the Boulder wellness community — I highly recommend working with her!

– E.H., Boulder