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Abdominal Therapy Professional Workshop

September 16-19, 2021 In Niwot, CO

This 4-day professional workshop will give you the fundamentals of Abdominal Therapy for your clients and for your own self-care. Learn our abdominal massage and other supportive therapies to help with painful periods and difficult digestion, enhance fertility, support pregnancy and more! Based on the work of Dr. Rosita Arvigo and sponsored by the Abdominal Therapy Collective. While it is a[...]

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Belly Basics – simple tools for a comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth

TBD In Boulder

This free 90-minute class will help you understand the impact of your growing belly on the rest of your anatomy. You will learn what you can do to increase your comfort and optimize your baby’s health during pregnancy and birth. I will introduce you to self-massage, the best technique I know. Come learn what you can do to support yourself! This[...]

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Amy Colo’s class—Belly Basics—is so empowering! She shares facts about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, inviting mamas and partners to really understand how to have an optimal, vital, healthy pregnancy—and a more comfortable pregnancy and birth too! I would recommend this class to any expecting mama and her partner, whether this is your first baby or your tenth. You will likely get a lot out of it! I know I did.

– Rebekah Steers