New Class Offering!

Belly Basics: simple tools for a comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth

I am really excited about this project! It was inspired by a request from The Mother House to come talk with their pregnant and postpartum women about the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®.

As I considered what I could offer, it occurred to me that all pregnant women could benefit from this information and some simple tools for self care. I also realized I could extend the benefit by donating the nominal class fee to an organization that in some way serves women and children – in this case One Heart World-Wide (training skilled birth attendants in Nepal).

I’d like to give you a good working knowledge of your pregnant anatomy – what moves where and how the stress points change as you grow – so you understand the mechanisms of common discomforts and difficulties of pregnancy and birth and can appreciate why Arvigo self care massage and other tools I will share work so well.
Please join me and bring your partner if you like. Class is limited to ten pregnant women, so register now by clicking the button to the right.

Birth Center of Boulder Community Classroom
2700 Folsom Street Boulder
Monday October 8th, 2017

If you are interested in the class, but unable to make it on this date, please send me an email so I can inform you of the next offering in Boulder County.

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Arvigo and Healing from Birth

A Wonderful Addition: Internal Pelvic Floor Work

Last week I attended a most amazing workshop: Healing from Birth with Lynn Schulte, PT ( We spent three days learning about patterns that birth leaves in the body and how to unwind them. While these patterns serve to bring a baby through, they can lead to pelvic pain, backache, proplapse, incontinence and a host of other difficulties postpartum.

No matter how old your baby is, your body may still be “birthing” . It’s never too late to shift these patterns and relieve the resulting symptoms. If you have given birth by cesarean, or have developed diastasis recti, the belly really needs extra support and active manipulation to regain optimal health. 

I am very excited to combine these skills of internal pelvic work, structural alignment and specific tissue release  with The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and I expect great results!

Speaking of learning opportunities, there is still room in my next Arvigo® Self-Care class April 20-22nd in Santa Fe, NM (counts towards continuing education for Midwives, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists). Learn abdominal massage, vaginal steams and other forms of self care to support your own health and well-being. See my “upcoming classes” for more information.

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New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s resolution is too make myself more available. I am ready to stretch my capacity and to serve more people in my bodywork practice and in my classes… to boldly go where I have never gone before… to the lands of online scheduling, credit card payment and social media. Slightly terrifying, and certainly overwhelming for me, but I am pressing on into the modern age. Note the schedule button to the right. Ha! I never dreamed it could be this easy!

I’m still happy to converse with you prior to scheduling if you have questions about my work and how it might serve you. Please give a call or send and email if you like. Let’s keep it personal!

I am also excited to share my schedule of classes for the year. We had a full and fabulous self care class in January, taking Saturday morning to participate in the Women’s March on Denver. I was so grateful for the opportunity to share that powerful experience with my students and have our class informed by that context. Taking a stand for women’s rights, the health and education of our children, and the well-being of the planet is another form of Self Care. Finding a power and a voice that rises up from our bellies in protest makes that Wild Feminine more accessible to us individually, even as it serves the collective good.

So YAY! Self Care! I will be holding my next class in Santa Fe in April, and there will be another in Boulder in late August. Check out my Upcoming Classes page for details. I have also listed the professional level classes I where will be teaching for the Arvigo Institute this year, in case you are ready to take it to the next level.

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Exciting News!

Happy Spring!

Though I still hope for some substantial snowfall, it does feel like spring is in the air. My crocuses are blooming and daffodils are budding, ready to announce themselves with vibrant color, even though so much is still underground or cocooned in the stems and stalks of things. In keeping with their bold expression, here is my spring bouquet of announcements for you:

I now have lovely office space in the Healing Hub, located at 2945 Center Green Court in Boulder. I am able to schedule there every day, so can easily accommodate your timing. Also, I have teamed up with Michele Kolakowski at Sanctuary Healing Arts and I am available there on Wednesdays.

Next, I am offering classes this year in the Arvigo® Techniques. The first is a one-day class  on April 9th, called Hands on Health: Maya Abdominal Massage for Pregnancy and Postpartum. The second is the Arvigo® Institute’s Self-Care Training, Level One. Please see my “upcoming classes” page for descriptions and details.

Finally, I have renewed and refreshed my practice of Cranio-sacral Therapy. I invite you to come and experience this work in its pure form, or integrated with my massage and Maya Abdominal Therapy.

It’s been a wonderful year of transition. Thank you to all who have entrusted your bodies and your bellies to my hands. I have learned so much, and I look forward to continuing our work together.




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Walk with me on my new path!

Yelapa in MexicoI attended my last lovely home birth in June of 2015 and I have shifted my focus entirely to bodywork and teaching.

Though I will miss being present at the gateway to life, I am committed to supporting women’s health and well-being in every phase and I am ready to make more time to do so.

Bringing my years of midwifery experience to the practice of Maya Abdominal Therapy, I will be addressing fertility issues, menstrual and pre-menstrual difficulties, prolapse and incontinence, digestive problems and more, in addition to optimizing health in pregnancy and postpartum.

I will continue to offer full-body massage as well, prenatal and otherwise.

Please contact me with questions, or to schedule your first session. I look forward to working with you!

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